We offer reasonable prices for a great product.


Washers have tiered prices, you pay less if you don't need warm or hot water. Different capacities also offer some customized programs (delicate, rugs & bathmats, comforters, blankets).


Starting price: $2.00.


We have a vast list of items we clean. From regular clothes to leather, fur, suede, shoes, hats, gloves, wedding gowns, quinceañera, rugs, etc. 

Here are some prices for your reference:

Shirt start at $3.00

Pant start at $4.25

Dresses: $4.75 & Up

2 Pc Suit: $11.50

Leather Jacket: $33.00+ up

Cowboy Hat: $33.00 & Up


Wedding gowns: $145.00 & up

Quinceañera formal/fancy gown: $125.00 & up

Graduation gown (black cape): $5.75

Rugs, standard: $2.50/sf

Rugs, shag or Persian: $3.00/sf


Please see attendant for more prices,

or call 424 264.5722.

*These prices are subject to change. Up charges apply to certain fabrics, special finishing, and expedited service.